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The following images are from NIGHTFALL, a new game for the Macintosh. The game features a rich virtual environment set in Egypt with unprecedented freedom of action. NIGHTFALL is an experience which can be enjoyed in many ways. Exploration and solving mysterious puzzles keeps you engrossed in this non-violent world. When combined with beautiful artwork, haunting music, and leading edge 3D technology, you may find yourself transported into ancient Egypt and beyond. Years of design and research have been spent to intimately link the mythology of this culture to what you can discover. At the same time, all of this is easy to use, with a new patent pending interface which allows you to naturally explore and touch the virtual world. Finally, you can enjoy the game at your own pace, and in your own way, as you can access much of the scenery and music of the game without solving the puzzles, if you so wish.

If you would like to order the game, details of availability and and how to purchase the game are here.

About The Game

The Story

You are an eminent archaeologist exploring an Egyptian tomb for signs of a wonderful secret. Suddenly an earthquake hits the area. You are stunned by rocks and blackout. When you wake up you are trapped, the entrance covered with rocks. Do you wait to be rescued, and risk more aftershocks, or gather up your notes and find another way out? Has anyone been this way before you, and who or what lies in the chambers beyond?

The Environment

Based on a real myth and actual characteristics of ancient Egyptian culture, experience a depth of game play that could only come from real life. Explore a vast array of tunnels and rooms, solving puzzles which have taken months to design. At the same time, these puzzles use the best of 2D and 3D environments to provide new ways of playing as well as new types of problems to be solved.

The Experience

Nightfall uses stunning real time 3D graphics, haunting music, and a deep storyline based on a real myth to transport you to another world. The game is designed to be easy to use, and challenging to solve. Use your mind and/or your reflexes, and complete the game without violence, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy.

A custom 3D engine has been specially designed for this game. In all, more than a thousand textures have been used to create an environment rich with detail - images on objects and walls provide critical information for your survival, and add to the feeling of actually being in an ancient complex. High quality real time lighting, dust and mist effects contribute to unique puzzle designs. Combined with ambient music and 3D sound effects these help to provide a dream like environment .

You have a virtual hand allowing real and subtle control of your environment. Click the switch you choose to, or move that object just a fraction to the right to line it up. Move a stone to climb up to a ledge, run and jump across huge chasms. Favorite aspects of 2D and 3D control are combined to give you freedom of motion and action. At the same time, all this is easy to control - point the hand to use something or go somewhere.

Game Features

  • Real time 3D - freedom to go where you want. Freedom to do what you want.

  • Unique interaction - puzzles can take place in a real time environment. Things can happen with you and to you while you are doing something else. You can be a part of the puzzle. Puzzle elements can be " alive".

  • Thousands of detailed textures.

  • Unique puzzles - real cultural symbolism and artifacts lead to acts that go beyond magic and into myth.

  • Amazing images and music transport you into the world.

  • Choose thousands or millions of colors.

  • Beautiful lighting, dust effects, light coronas all add to the atmosphere.

  • Easy to use - the easiest real time 3D game we've come across. Just point and click.

  • Looks incredible on an iMac.

  • Fast software renderer for 16, and 32 bit screens.

  • Support for 3D hardware via the Apple RAVE standard.

  • True 3D objects.

  • Puzzle solving the way you want to - use the environment in ways it was not designed for. Less chance of getting frustrated and stuck.

  • A virtual environment that allows you to go where you want to in the way you want to travel - exploration becomes fun.

  • Controlled random elements mean more than one way to succeed, adding to the replay value.

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