Altor technology applied to web-based 3D. See Press for more information.
Nightfall is still available in Germany. Contact Application Systems Heidelberg for more information.

G4 Time Demo
This is the first benchmark to take advantage of the G4 special AltiVec instructions. G4TimeDemo Run it and see leading edge special FX, and measure how fast your Mac is at the same time. Best of all, it's free!

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Continuing in the tradition of our first game, Nightfall, Xomorph creates detailed and intricate environments. This engine provides an interface which makes it easy to play in a 3D world and do things that no other 3D game can. Xomorph provides amazing flexibility within 3D games - you can run, jump, swim, crawl (and die!).

The engine can potentially store hundreds of CDs worth of data, and squeeze it down so the latest computers can play it. The breakthrough technology is the virtual hand. You can point where you want to turn and go. It's just as easy as 2D image games - point, click, go. But now, you can walk, run, swim, jump, and fly! This is all that current 3D games have with an easy to learn interface. We have gone beyond this, so that your hand can reach out and touch the world.

Altor Systems: Taking 3D to the Next Dimension

Nightfall is a puzzle/exploration game, combining a haunting experience with the latest technology, in an easy to use environment.

Nightfall uses stunning real time 3D graphics, haunting music, and a deep storyline to transport you to another world. The game is designed to be easy to use, and challenging to solve. Use your mind and/or your reflexes, and complete the game without violence, making it suitable for everyone to enjoy.